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Brief self introduction
[Last Updated: 2011/09/15]

  • a Mac/iOS developer.
    • was a web developer using Java as back-end language, HTML/CSS/Javascript as front-end languages
  • living in Shibuya-Ku Tokyo, Japan. 
  • a Chinese, 30, married.
  • working at genesix, Inc.
  • an engineer, also dreamed to be an entrepreneur.  

iOS apps

I had released 15 iOS apps.

Early years

Started from 2008,  under the publisher name "CLiA Inc.@iTunes" 

gogoSpeak Japanese to help English speaker to learn Japanese with predefined 10 common scenes.
gogoSpeak Japanese V1.0
gogoSpeak Japanese V1.0 Lite
iPinyin is an app to help anybody who want to master the pronunciation of Chinese Pinyin. Every tone of the pinyin is recorded by me and my wife.

iPinyin Lite
go! HSK is another app to help anyone who is preparing for the HSK(Hanyu Shuipin Kaoshi, aka, the TOEFL of Chinese) to master all the words. All of the 8000+ words have pronunciations. An easy and elegant way to test whether you know the meaning or not.

go! HSK

Since Mar 2010

On later March 2010, I joined ECNavi, and eventually, joined genesix, Inc. as a start member. Under the name of "genesix, Inc.", I involved(or partially involved) with 10 apps' release.

QLife Hospital search is the first app I created in ECNavi, it reached 2nd place of Japan's overall Free apps ranking. This is a collaboration with QLife, Inc. Later QLife continued to maintain the app and released 2.0.

New Icon for 総合病院検索 2.0
Later, genesix, Inc. was started as a new company to focus on smart phone app market. I'm the starting member of the new startup company. The first app we released was another collaboration with Fuji TV Kids, a Twitter client app named "Gachatwi" which is the official Twitter Client App for the famous character "ガチャピン".
Based on "ガチャツイ", we expended the twitter client to some other characters. Like "ロリポップス".
After that, other guys released some other clients based on `Gachatwi`, such as "龍が如く for Twitter", "くまのがっこう for Twitter", "Decotwi", "TweetVoice", "VoiceNow".

After entering 2011, I was involved with 2 major releases for NPB(Nippon Professional Baseball). The first one is "プロ野球Tools 2011", which is an app for iPhone user.
プロ野球Tools 2011
After released it, we started to develop the iPad version. This time, it's called "ワンダホースタジアム"

"ワンダホースタジアム" was featured on the iTunes store from Sep 16, 2011 to Sep 23, 2011
Featured on iTunes Store

Mac apps

I had released 2 Mac apps.

IPMsg for Mac @0.9.2 By Tonny
IPMsg for Mac is a freeware used for local net communication. It is maintained by ishwt. Before ishwt released version 0.11.0, it was not possible to search user with user's name or machine name. So I added search function to IPMsg based on the 0.9.0 branch.

Retina 2 Normal

Retina 2 Normal is a convenient tool to help iOS developer and designer to create the proper icon file and @2x file. See detail.

What I care?

  • User 
    1. Why the users would like to use MY products?
    2. How to let them continually use MY products?
    • Product 
      1. Design(UI+UX)
      2. Awesomeness
      3. Monetization
      4. Security
      • People who
        • has a dream
        • knows how to communicate
        • has some hobbies
        • is hornest
      • Myself
        • my feelings
        • my judgements
        • my stances
        • my work
        • my family
        • 50 years after now

      What I do NOT care?

      • Programming Language
      • OS
      • My pride
      • Nationality
      • Religions

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