Tuesday, March 27, 2012

How to integrate MVC pattern with GCD/KVO/CoreData in iOS

My publication

Last year, I published this article on Software Design Issue November. The whole article was written in Japanese. Since I’m not a native Japanese, I’d like to thank my fellow coworkers Nagano/7gano and Kato/guruguruman to help me review the article again and again. Without your help, I could not make this happen.

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The Japanese title of this article is iOS でのMVCパターンの再検討およびCore Data、GCD、KVOの実践運用

The article was coordinated with Gihyo‘s format and it’s hard to layout it again, so, I’d like to share the finished page in PDF with everyone.

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Brief content in English

  • CoreData is powerful, and if you don’t have legacy database to conform to, use it
  • KVO is super powerful, but come with side effect. It can help you with your multiple UI update, and can also mess your code flow
  • GCD is awesome! forget about delegate, use GCD whenever possible with multithread programming
  • All these technologies comes great with MVC pattern

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