Wednesday, February 22, 2012

LLVM Compiler Overview(By Apple)

LLVM is the next generation of compiler created by Apple, intended to replace the whole GCC-family tools. It’s really, really awesome!

Here is an overview guide provided by Apple, but it hasn’t been updated for over 1 year. And during 2011, Apple released LLVM 3.1

NOTE: This page is the official release page, and will always show the most recent release. So if you visit this page and see LLVM 4.x, don’t be surprised.

Any way, it’s a good source for understanding the low level tool chains used by Apple and how apple is changing the C family compiler.

The documentations

Go to DevCenter, this page is free, no login is necessary. And all the videos has transcripts!

Other videos

Actually, the Clang community has some regular events held in San Francisco or San Jose. You can check it out from LLVM’s official site, for example, LLVM Developers’ Meeting@Nov 2011

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