Tuesday, February 21, 2012

ARC Learning Notes(1)

ARC(Automatic Reference Counting) was introduced by Apple on WWDC 2011, along with iCloud and OS X Lion. It’s a wonderful feature we need, but, how much it has been adopted to real projects?

How many projects adopted ARC?

Currently, 0 project is using ARC in my company.

This does not mean we hadn’t started new project since ARC was released, but because we have some constraints. We are using some common libraries across our projects, and we need to maintain the libraries consistent. We also need to add many features to the apps we released, and also, using ARC means all of our team members need to learn how to use ARC and know the common practices and have a better understanding of memory usage. That’s the time we could not afford in the past 8 months.

But we know we will move to ARC inevitably. So the problem is when?

Status of My projects

Currently we started to use ARC in some test projects. Here the Test Project means we use such kind of project to test some features quickly and without infecting the real projects.

What about yours?

How about yours? Are you starting to use ARC in your project now? Tell me about your projects’ status in the comment please.

It’s the time!

After 8 months, by watching a lot of Open Source project adopting ARC, I think it is our time to start using ARC from now on.

ARC only needs the new compiler, and it has a good backward compatibility to iOS 4. So let’s just try it.

Start from where?

Where should we start from? I think we can start from 2 things.

Apple’s document

Apple’s DevCenter for iOS has a good document for using ARC. Here is a simple list as far as I know.

  1. What’s New in iOS 5
  2. Transitioning to ARC Release Notes
  3. Advanced Memory Management Programming Guide
  4. Memory Management Programming Guide for Core Foundation

WWDC 2011′s HD Video

Also, WWDC 2011′s videos are great, don’t miss this one.

  1. Session 323 – Introducing Automatic Reference Counting

Next time, I will post what I learned about ARC.

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