Friday, January 13, 2012

How to sync WordPress blog entries to and Tumblr and Posterous

Do you have multiple blog sites?

If your answer is no, then, this blog entry is useless to you. Close this page please.

If you DO have multiple blog sites, and you don’t care about synchronizing one blog site to others, then this blog entry is also useless to you. Close this page please.

If you DO have multiple blog sites as me, and you DO want to synchronize your one blog site to others. You are viewing the right post.

Why multiple blog site?

It’s complicated. I’m owning my own domain, and is running WordPress on it. Then I also have an account in, it’s good, with elegant design and dashboard. I also happened to have an account in all because it support markdown by default.

So, I like all of these 3 sites, and I don’t want to abandon any one of them. I decided to do a synchronization with all of these sites.

But, How?

Have you ever heard about ““?

This site is great! It saved me a lot of works. Synchronizing between each site is also done with‘s help.

Here is how:

  1. You need to have a main site. This means, you need to post your original posts to this site. Since all blog systems provide RSS output, we will use RSS to synchronize entries to other sites.

  2. Add a new rule in You usually, it can be read as “Sync any new items in RSS[your main site's RSS] to tumblr/posterous/Mail(etc.)”. It’s very straight forward, and easy to use. Just create a few such kind of rules to let it do the synchronizing works.

  3. is not directly supported by

My solution is enable the “Posting using email” option in, then setup a rule to send an email to your posting email address on each new blog entry. can do much more things

[] is such an awesome site, it integrated almost all the major web services in the world. You can send a tweet or a facebook post when your new blog entry is posted.

The concept can be separated as read in stream and output stream:

  • read in stream: services available for read in stream

  • output stream: services available for output stream

Now, just enjoy the internet!

Via Tonny Xu Blog System, My Blog, Test Post

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