Friday, January 28, 2011

Zack Rusin: Git cheat sheet

A lot of people are complaining that git is too damn hard to use, and too damn hard to understand. Well, first, I don't agree with these guys, and second, there are plenty resources for newbies to git. Maybe the only reason those who complain for git is they are too lazy...

Here, I'd like to show you a wonderful cheat sheet that created by Zack Rusin(Look at his email address, you will know what his is working for), and it provides SVG/PNG format, just download it, print it, paste it on your wall, than start using git.

Zack Rusin: Git cheat sheet

To download the files, please follow the link above, or just right click and download the large image below.

Meanwhile, which is a personal site maintained by a brilliant Japanese Guy(Sorry, I don't know his name, I could not find it out from his site.) provides a Japanese translated version, and could be found from the link below. It provides both PDF/SVG version.

git 日本語版チートシート

Now your guys have no reason to complain that you don't have enough time/resource to learn git. Also have no reason to complain that you have no idea about English.

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