Monday, January 17, 2011

Wordpress 2 Blogger conversion utility

Today, I moved from WordPress to completely.  When I was doing the importing, I met a problem that WordPress's WXR Wordpress eXtended RSS is not conforming to's import format. (Of course, no reason to be conformed.) That's lead us to these great guys.

They did a great job! Thank you!

The best reason I moved to blogger is that I don't want to be a site manager or designer to programmer, I just want to post my blog. I want to focus on posting blogs. Yeah, your guys will say that also makes you do the same thing. But blogger does better. Here are the main reasons I moved to
  1. has an awesome template design tool.
  2. support own domain now.
  3. I won't need to worry about the updates again.
OK, that's all. I think some other Google App users will also move to as me.

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