Friday, June 5, 2009

「夫婦箸」, Meotobashi chopsticks

It’s a typical Japanese gift. Although, chopsticks is wildly used in Asia, but Japanese do push chopsticks to a remarkable level in everyday life. They use chopsticks as gifts, and they developed a strict theory of chopsticks manner, which is much more strict then Chinese or other Asia countries. For example, in almost every Japanese family, every member of the family has his/her own fixed chopsticks and bowl. I did not see any other countries in Asia has such a manner.

A typical Japanese chopsticks[From Wikipedia]

Meotobashi, some kind of gift chopsticks, is wildly used as present to new couples when they get married. It’s usually placed in a beautiful box with 2 pairs of chopsticks. Same color, same design, some of them have the same length, and some have a shorter pair for woman. Means husband and wife will always, yes, they mean this life, eat the meal by this pair of chopsticks together.

2 typical Meotobashi from

If you want to have some Japanese gifts for your friends, especially for a couple, you can take this choice, and explain this to them, I am pretty sure they will be happy with this.

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