Sunday, March 9, 2008

How to change the splash screen for Eclipse?

When we open the Eclipse, a splash screen is shown. What if we want to change it? OK, follow me.

Step 1: Prepare your own splash picture, as I just put some words on it. Like the following one.


The picture must be formatted as BMP file and named splash.bmp.

Step 2: Copy this file to <Eclipse installation folder>\plugins\org.eclipse.platform_3.3.3.r33x_r20080129.
Note that the platform folder is always changed as eclipse's version up. so just find the folder start with org.eclipse.platform, it will be OK. Overwrite the original splash.bmp file, your will get your own splash screen shown on the startup of Eclipse.

Be Careful, if you change the size of splash picture, you might not be able to see those start up information and progress bar.

Changing the splash window is a simple step, Eclipse is aim to be a platform, so anyone who want to customize his IDE could use it as a platform. (Here is the official docs for branding your application based on Eclipse.)

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