Thursday, October 25, 2007

Why I can not find the Glassfish server adapter in my company's computer?(First post after I came to Japan)

Today, I was preparing the development environment for the new coming project, after installed Eclipse Europa and Glassfish, I need to combine these 2 things together so that I can continue my job.

As usual, I clicked the link below, but this time, I can not find the Glassfish server adapter.

(Click the "Download additional server adapters")008

(Though you can see that I have added GlassFish server adapter, but I will show you where is wrong.)

After I clicked the link, it automatically searching and installing available server adapters for me. My company has a proxy server which is opened on port 8080 and can both serve HTTP and HTTPS, so I setup the proxy server for Eclipse, and I found Geronimo very fast, but, BUT, I can not find this god damn GlassFish server adapter!!

WHY? I have checked the GlassFish project home page, and they said, Europa will search GlassFish's web site for the latest available plugin automatically, but why it don't show itself to my Europa??? and at the same time, BEA's server adapter is also missing from the available list.

Then I want to take a deep look into the Eclipse to find out whether those GlassFish guys really put their Web site URL to Europa, but to tell the truth, it's not a easy work. I can not find out where they configure the necessary URL to search for. Then after I wasted few time to redo it again, Finally, Suddenly, I found out why!

BECAUSE Some sites used a SSL connection for their god damn update URL, and I didn't configured to use proxy for SSL connection! While others are all using simply HTTP connection!



So, next time, don't forget to set up your SSL connection proxy!

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