Thursday, October 25, 2007

How to import Maven Project to Eclipse with "pom.xml"

Struts 2.0.9 bundle shipped with a sample named show-case, if you want to use it in your Eclipse Europa, you need to add a Maven plugin for Eclipse Europa. Please visit this page:

After installed this plugin, you can read a project which shipped with pom.xml, but not normally build.xml. Please follow the steps:

  • Menu<File> ⇒ <Import...> ⇒ General[Maven 2 Project] ⇒ [Select the pom.xml File]

It will really cost you some time, maybe you can drink 2 cups+ coffee before you get your maven project work in your Eclipse. Have Fun.

Besides, because I installed some server adapters before I install Maven 2 Plugin, I had to reinstall Europa before I can use Maven plugin. So, I got a basic rule for eclipse user: Only install the plugin when you need it!

And moreover, the project you imported from Maven to Europa, you need to tweak a lot of configurations, and I suggest you just configure it manual than use Maven plugin.

The most simplest way to use Ant build file. ^_^

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