Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Web Internationalization [I18N]: Part I

These days, I'm preparing for the first paper contest in my company. Although, somebody may consider this kind of contest is too naivety to attend, but u know what? I thought this kind of contest will drive most of the newbie employee to promote their skill in one certain field.

For me, as a member of company's Technical Center, I'd like to write some thing about the Internationalization (aka. I18N) on Web. And as we can see, web I18N has already been talked for a long time, and a lot of people had draw a conclusion or made a guider to web I18N, and I'd like to look through it and build a similar conclusion that a lot of experts had already recommanded. For me, it's a chance to let everybody know how I made the research work, and how I build a nice presentation.

As some time ago, I had considered to write something about AJAX, which becoming more and more hot over Internet, but 2 other guys had already decided to write such kind topic. So, I choose to give up and find myself another topic, which is this one - Web I18N

Within my paper, I'd like to cover these areas:

  • Character Encodings
  • Character Escaping
  • Unicode
  • Normalization
  • How to build a Web I18N site based on J2EE technologies
  • How to build a Web I18N site based on ASP.NET technologies
  • How to build a Web I18N site based on AJAX technologies
  • Finally, some demo

Ladies and Gentlemen, it's Show Time!

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