Friday, November 18, 2005

is it a bug of IE 6.0?

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Today, when I was trying to do something like drag and drop on IE, I found a problem.

My purpose: I'd like to build a table and when user click on the cell and drag it, it will work as what we select some word in MS Word. And I had added onMouseDown, onMouseOver, onMouseUp events to those cells which can be "selected".
The essential mechanism is using onMouseOver to change the background color of the cell when onMouseDown is fired on some cell at first.
One more thing, I used an Array to act as a stack which used to store those cells which are already selected.

My problem: When I traced the onMouseOver event, I found that, when dragging over some cell, the corresponding onMouseOver event it not fired! thus made the selection not work correctlly!.

Here is the demo file:[Download the demo].

Ur... it's really not make sense! Is there anyone can tell me why it happened?

BTW: My system enviroment is listed below.

CPU: Intel P4 2.4G
Memory: 512MB
OS: WinXP +SP2
IE Version: 6.0.2900.2180.xpsp-sp2-gdr.050301-1519

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