Wednesday, June 8, 2005

Packing, prepare for leaving

7 years ago, I moved to NanJing for my college life, 3 years ago, I was shitted by my college. Although, my college life is like a piece of shit, but I'd like to appreciate my college and those days. During those 4 years, I learned a lot of things except my major.

3 years ago, I joined NST(NetSpeed Technology, I wanna appreciate Mr. Liu Haoling, and Mr. Jeffrey Liu and Mr. Mao Jun, because of you, I came to realize that I can be more powerful and I came to understand what I want. Thanks you all! May all of you and your company have a nice future.

When I was packing, I found that I had already accepted Hangzhou as my next destination. Wish I can realize my dreams in Hangzhou.

In the next few days, I still have to pack a lot of things, and drop a lot of things, that makes me few a little bit sad, those stuffs had been with me for over 3 years, and now, I gonna left most of them. And how to transfer those rest stuffs to Hangzhou gonna be another big question.

Packing always remind me a transcript of Gone with the Wind.

After all, tomorrow is another day...(Scarlet)

Tomorrow, it means future in China, and this transcript strongly expresses the optimism and self-reliance characters that is most important to a person. I had made a promise that I will be more stronger and more powerful, and I will keep my words. And I am sure that Hangzhou is a nice place that I can become more stronger and more powerful.

BTW: Today, another interesting thing is I found the rest part of the novel Hunting in Savage, It's not a very good novel, I just want to finish it because the ending of the novel had disturbed me for a long time.

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