Tuesday, December 7, 2004

New plan

Since the JLPT is over, I have to come back to my daily life. Each time, when I lost my work plan or forget to make a even small plan, I feel like a fool flying, fly around and feel like something lost in my mind, even I don't know what to do.... ( Damn it )

So, after a bullshit day, I decide to do something before the Spring Festival.

  1. Finish the DHTML Tree contol. ( It's start since last time I finished my JLPT level 3 test, and I am gonna finish it )
  2. Collect the common purpose JScript snippets. ( For this gonna great help those who want to build a B/S system )
  3. Write some opinions about the Java Technology. ( Mainly around J2EE and some open source project )
  4. Blog my life as frequency as I can. ( And also try to blog my life in other language like English or Japanese)
  5. Create a new look and feel of my blog site. ( A new Template and modify the TOTO template which is used by me now )

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