Saturday, June 5, 2004


通过一个晚上的努力,我现在已经将本站使用的Template Beta测试版本发布给了pLog的Team,相信在未来的pLog版本中就可以看到了。




pLog Template (toto) Beta 1
First, thank you for choose my template.

1. Introduction
2. Install Note
3. Howtos
4. Contact Me

1. Introduction
Now, almost every template used in pLog is based on <Div> tag to design the
layout, but sometimes, it will not work fine on every Web Browser. The main
problem is the location of each <Div> tag.

So I want to create one Template based on <Table> tag to design the layout, so
that's what you reading now:). I have tried this template on my Blog:, and I will keep on progressing this template. At the
mean time, I will release some different color skin based on different CSS
file, so at that time, you can change the different color as you like.

2. Install Note
To install my template is simple. There are 2 ways to add this tempate to your
pLog system, just simple do as following steps.

A. Solution 1: Add my template by menaul:

 a. Upload all the template file to a new directory under the Template/
    directory like Template/toto
 b. Enter your pLog administration interface, choose Site Admin -> Add
    Template -> Manually Add Template
 c. Just input the directory name of your new template directory like
 d. Click Add Template, that's all!

B. Solution 2: Add my template by upload one compressed file

 a. Enter your pLog administration interface, choose Site Admin -> Add
    Template -> Add Template
 b. Click Browse... and choose your local compressed template file.
 c. Click Add Template, isn't it easy?:)

3. Howtos
There are something you might want to chang as you like, such as add some logo
picture to your header or footer, or use some plugins.

a. There is a fine plugin made by markwu called Recently Comments, just like MT,
I have used this plugin in my blog, so just place the panel.template file with
panel_with_comments.template file and rename this file to panel.template, it's
a great plugin

b. Some Chinese user might want to show there chinese characters, so just
replace the styles.css with styles_zh_cn.css and rename this file to styles.css,
that's will be fine, like my blog.

c. I have deleted some "|escape" switch in template files, that's for double-byte

One more thing, if you want to show some code in your blog, you can switch the
edit component in Administration Interface, and surround such a tag with your
 <pre class="code">some dummy codes....</pre>
It works fine in my blog:).

This howtos will be maintained by toto

4. Contact Me
If you have any problem with this template or have any suggestion, please let me

You can contact me via these ways:

Thanks again.


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